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Some of our interior detail & exterior auto detail services

One of the many towns that we serve within Massachusetts is Hudson MA. 

On this page is ome work we did in the near hudson on a clients car that recieved our full interior detail and full exterior detail including car buffing and a 6 month ceramic spray wax to reduce further need of car washing over the course of the spray ceramic coating

This client is a repeat detail service and avails of our online car detailing booking system for 

With our full showroom package leather seats are deep cleaned & conditioned to a natural  matte finish to give the seats a factory finish look

Also in our showroom detail package is Odor Removal by using of natural eco friendly odor eliminating products or if  needed the use of a ozone machine inside the car interior to kill bacteria & odor

The vehicle also received full steam clean to sanitize and freshen up the interior

& headliner cleaning.

Products Used : Owners Pride ., Griots polish, Chief Commercial Steamer. Eco-Friendly car wash products

Service Booked: proffesional at home car cleaning and mobile car buffing 

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