Exterior Car Detailing

Paint Correction, Swirl Removal, Scratch Removal, Rub marks Removed = Glossier Paint

Maybe your car has seen too many automatic car washes or came with orange peel included from the dealer no matter the case we will work with you your vehicle and your budget to have your car looking shinier and glossier than before & be a real head turner on the roads 

Beforeafter-ceramic-protection boston ma

We offer Full Warrantied Ceramic Coatings with addition of the coating to your vehicles car fax report

We Believe every car deserves to be its best, with mirror like paint, free of imperfections , containments & marks.

We offer professional car paint correction listed below is our simple step by step solution to "buffing" your car to absolute perfection

ceramic coating installation.jpg

Paint Correction starts from $100

Step 1: Most critical and crucial step Overlooked by many so called car detailers and one stop car washes

Paint Thickness Check!

We use a high end paint thickness gauge to check the level of your vehicles clear coat to see what we have to work with


(No Clear Coat = New Paint Job)

Step 2: Actually step one but we wanted to signify the IMPORTANCE of doing a simple paint check.

Full Paint wash a decontamination

remove foreign dirt and iron build up

step 3:

Wet sanded > machine compound

depending on the condition your vehicle may need wet sanding to get the clear coat to even shine

Step 4:

Machine Polished to clear out micro fine scratches and imperfections


Car is polished panel by panel and new pads used on every panel to achieve ultimate shine. 

Step 5:

Hand waxed / coated using either a wax or spray coating your vehicle will receive a gloss look and buffed dry by hand and ultra fine high quality cloths

We offer 3 month > 7 year Coatings

Step 6:

Enjoy your Mirror Finish Car!

& when coated, less Washing and a always clean look!