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Wondering How Long Does Car Detailing Take?

At Auto Gleam Mobile Car Detailing Boston MA, This is one of the most commonly asked questions when clients are inquiring about our at home detail service,

Not only when booking your service online, through our online booking, the estimated service times are generated for you but below is the average detail times for one technician to carry out for each service provided

* Do note When the vehicle is assessed on the day you will be informed of adjustments / general time required


Interior Car Detailing times: 1 hour (Lite Detail) - 4 hours

( Full interior shampoo & lather conditioning + Odor Removal service)

Exterior : Quick hand wash plus wheel cleaning (30 minutes)

Clay bar treatment : 25 minutes

swirl removal, paint correction: 1.5 hours per stage

Ceramic coating + cure time: 3 hours

Tar, tree sap, & Bug removal: 30 minutes

Car paint buffing : 40 minutes

Some of our extra car detail service times

Pet hair removal : starting at 40 minutes

varies per job, but can easily add a minimum of 40 minutes to a interior car detail as the whole interior is hand combed with specialized brushes and air blown out and then re vacuumed

Odor Removal Service : 30 minutes- 60 minutes

Standard ozone treatment or car fragrance bomb takes 30 minutes total including airing out times

For extensive odor removal the service times are easily doubled to achieve acceptable results to get the vehicle smelling better than new again.

Head light cleaning / restoration service : 15 minutes

Plus head light coating : 20 minutes

For our mobile headlight restoration service plus re coating takes approx. 20 minutes per headlight

For really dull headlight additional sanding may be required.

Fabric Protection : 1 hour

When protecting your car interior from spills, dirt, dye transfer our specially formulated interior coating requires at least 1 hour including drying times on average temperate days

Car interior steam cleaning including ventilation cleaning : 40 minutes

Window anti rain/ice/fog Treatment: 15 minutes

Car interior repair

Leather seat repair: 1 hour

Interior re coloring: 4 hours

Dash crack repair: 45 minutes

Fabric seat repair: 40 minutes

Headliner repair: 20 minutes

(Hand Cleaned & Dried Out)

Scratch removal: 10/15 minutes per scratch

Plastic Bumper repair 25 minutes per ding/crack

All our packages are conveniently estimated for you when booking on our site

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