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What's the best car detailing in Boston area?

So if your wondering who or what is the best detail shop to bring your car to in Massachusetts ,There are a handful to choose from to get your automobile detailed, cleaned and paint looking glossier than ever before with the best ceramic coating installers

Either on site , at home car detailing service or at a shop there a few thongs to consider.

So we put this quick list together to help you choose a potential detailing service provider!

When Choosing your auto detailer, follow the following tips and recommendations to ensure you and your vehicle get the best value and lasting protection against the elements.

1.The cost of auto detailing service

This is a no-brainer but you will be surprised how many people over look this simple principle especially in service business.

Cheaper does not equal better value. (Simple saying we like to think of is good work isn't cheap)

Avoid low priced 'services to avoid the use of low quality chemicals , cost cutting procedures.. etc this one is self explanatory

2. Make sure the detail shop is highly recommended

We find that most of our detail clients come from personal recommendations from current clients.

so ensure the mobile detailing service you choose comes highly recommended personally or you can always check out there social profiles for reviews for example our google business profile: auto gleam mobile detailing is where our clients leave testimonials

we generally say once a business has over 4.0 star rating they can be pretty trust-worthy service

3. If your still unsure, Ask the business if they have any Guarantees on services ?

eg. all our mobile detail services be it interior car cleaning or exterior car wash no matter how small of a job from headlight restoration to our full showroom car detail service,

All packages come with our iron-clad Satisfaction Guarantee!

Especially when it comes to higher end services make sure the detailer is backed up by another reputable company for example

Our Ceramic Coatings in Boston are installed by Certified Owners Pride installers and backed up with Owners Pride industry leading full warranty on our installed coatings, also backed up by addition of the coating to your vehicles Car-Fax Report.

4. Ensure your detailers are trained, certified & insured / registered.

This one co-relates to our first point on the list more than likely if there providing a bargain service there not registered, insured or certified in detailing which at the end of things can turn out costly to you in regards a trip to a body shop to repair burnt out paint or paying for another auto detail company to fix there mistakes.

We here at Auto Gleam Detail LLC have received our fair share of potential clients coming from these one stop shop car washes / dealership detailers, where the clients job expectations weren't met or there was damage / swirl marks left on there paint (Getting rid of swirl marks is a big one especially with inexperienced car buffing services)

So to quickly Summarize on picking the best car detailer

  1. Avoid bargain, to good to be true prices

  2. They have a online presence and highly rated

  3. Offer customer satisfaction / warranties

  4. There trained , certified, registered & insured

Contact us at for more information on our complete mobile detail services in Massachusetts

Or book a time & date that suits you with our online booking platform

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